The times they are a-changin’. The whole world is turning digital. Print colours are often hastily chosen on RGB screens and roll out of printers in a snap. Faster! Cheaper! Quick is the only option.

Is it really? 

Our love for traditional slow printing techniques made us move mountains. Well, not exactly mountains… but tons and tons of lead type, cast iron letterpress machines and wood type cabinets. Saving these beauties from the scrapyard one by one, we have gathered an impressive collection of hands-on printing materials. Superdruk became an exhausting self-taught adventure, while looking like a small museum of craftsmanship. 

The limitations of slow printing, combined with contemporary techniques and insights, challenge us to rethink the design process. Superdruk is more than a print shop: it is a bold playground for graphic experimentation and collaboration. Embracing the past, with eyes on the future.


SUPERDRUK is an ‘analog print factory’, honouring, enjoying and educating the basics and history of printing techniques. We are mostly focussed on relief printing, with our collection of wood and lead type, and even the ability to lasercut, cnc or 3D print our own shapes. We try to put our analog machines to best use in a digital driven world, to combine both worlds into inspiring and exciting print projects.

[sypərˈdryk], Dutch

1. Very busy

2. A lot of pressure
3. Awesome print

Graphic Design

We are graphic designers at heart, but never felt the urge to stick to our computerscreens. With also a background in product design and advertising, we tend to see creative possibilities and opportunities. We want to put our hands and techniques to good use. SUPERDRUK is not a regular printing company. We prefer to work on a personal level, so projects can evolve and benefit from exchanging ideas.

The studio is run by Stoffel Van den Bergh.
More of his work on or instagram @dastof.


Our studio is filled with wonderful pre-digital printing equipment, but we don't intend to keep these gems for ourself. We are open for interesting adventures and collaborations. Do not hesitate to contact us.


Internships & jobs

Sorry, there are no openings for the moment.
All seats are taken. Or broken.

Limited Edition Art Prints

Supercollect invites artists, illustrators, designers around the printing press, to work together on a personal level, and produce limited edition art prints & collectibles. A fresh off the press collaboration between Superdruk (Stoffel Van den Bergh), and collectible aficionado Wham (Bart Warnier) .