Custom printwork
& letterpress

Need a unique invitation, interesting business card or small booklet?
Our artisan printing techniques are a true wonder of the world.
Unlike a commercial printer, we are not just focused on the result, but we feel strongly about the process. We can advise you about paper, die-cuts or special techniques, and can be a creative guidance.
Be very welcome in our studio to make your personal printing project a true work of art.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Colours should be set in pantone, not CMYK or RGB

  • Deliver your artwork as a vector file for best results (.ai, .eps or .pdf)

  • Fonts need to be converted to vector paths, to avoid mistakes

  • provide 2mm bleed and cropmarks. Other marks are not necessary

  • Color edging is not possible if the design has elements with bleed

  • If you deliver an indesign file, do not forget to include links

  • More different colours in your design = more expensive printwork

  • Keep in mind that startup cost for letterpress is a lot higher than for digital print. More prints of the same design > lower price/piece